What Is the Effect of an Author's Dedication?

When I pick up a novel, before reading anything else, I would turn to the dedication page. Many authors dedicate their books to their loved ones—children, wife, husband. I feel the way they phrase their dedication gives the reader an inkling of the person behind the written words.

There is this warmth, a connection of sorts, when I come upon dedications that are directed to the readers. The current book I am reading is Two by Two by Nicholas Sparks. I found the manner in which he phrased his dedication to be quite touching, which sparked me (see what I did there?) to write this blog post. With that simple yet sincere sentence, he spoke to every single reader of his, expressing his gratefulness for their presence. Words speak volumes: “To you, my loyal reader: Thank you for the last twenty years.”

The author dedication page is often overlooked by those eager to get to the book, where it lies sandwiched somewhere between the copyright page and the first page of the first chapter.

Do you read author dedications? What are some of your favorite ones? Share your thoughts in the comments section below!


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