Do you know that poor grammar, spelling and punctuation are a MAJOR turn-off for readers and publishers, not to mention plot holes, clarity of writing and poor storyline structure?

Many self-published authors, bloggers and creative writers think these things can be ironed out later. Your written work needs to be free of errors in order to gain the attention of readers and publishers. Otherwise, you'd be wasting your precious time writing a piece that will be going nowhere any time soon.


Gone are the days when writers will just sit in front of the computer, press ‘publish’ and see sales and reviews start pouring in; it's not that simple today. The publishing industry is fast growing and the competition is outrageously high.

Statistically speaking, a reader's attention span is less than 3 minutes when it comes to reading something.

This means that you have less than 3 minutes to capture the attention of a reader. If you cannot hook your reader with your writing within 3 minutes, then they will most probably turn to another book, article, blog etc., as will be the case with any publisher you submit your work to.

You will lose any potential sales, good reviews or whatever you are trying to achieve through your journey as a writer. You would have also wasted your precious time without yielding anything in return, whether it be of monetary value, recognition or for gratification purposes.

This is where STRIKETHROUGH comes in…

Just like the name sounds, I go through your work and 'strikethrough' every incorrect spelling, grammar usage, punctuation and indeed, every single thing that will hurt whatever you are seeking to achieve with your books, blog posts and other written material.

I know what may be going through your mind right now…​ Why don’t I just edit it myself?

Don’t do it!​ Seriously. Don’t just rely on self-editing.​ There are a number of reasons as to why an editor is essential, even if you have done a good job of editing your own work.

You may feel that you have been careful with your writing and spelling, and so editing will just be a waste of time.​ Sometimes, that prideful thinking can be the downfall of a potentially great book or any other written material. You need to truly understand the purpose of having your writing edited to ensure your written work receives the attention it deserves.

Good writers know editing is essential. They wouldn’t disregard that fact. The truth is, if you try to be your own editor, you are making a grave mistake. You are more likely than anyone else to not see your own mistakes. That’s right; you can actually read your own mistakes over and over again and never really notice they’re staring right at you!


The following are crucial factors that can affect the readability of any written material:

1. You know what you want to say, and you might believe that you can communicate your thoughts effectively through your writing. However, the way you phrase your sentences may be detrimental to the way your message is being delivered and understood by the reader; your message is simply not getting across as well as it should or could be.

2. As the writer and creator of your work, you may take a look at your writing and merely see what you know should be there, rather than what is actually there.

3. The English language is full of grammatical rules that must be followed and quite a few instances where these same rules must or can be broken. Without an expert eye and extensive knowledge in such a field, it is difficult to gauge where each rule should be applied.

4. As the creator of the words that breathe life into your work, you may find yourself falling in love with your written creation. This may cause you to turn a blind eye to specific parts of your writing that have been poorly written.

5. A not only fresh, but also expert eye scrutinising your work is more than likely to pick up on crucial aspects of your writing that you will miss yourself.

In conclusion, the READABILITY of your written material is what makes or breaks you.

This is what I do for you.

I will help you lay the foundation and framework, or the ‘nuts and bolts’ so that you can have a written piece you can be proud of.

Now, what that means is that I pave the way for you to be able to get great reviews and ratings, make more sales and achieve whatever it is you are seeking as a writer through a smooth reader experience.​



I have had a passion for words for as long as I could remember. I was the type of student who would read instead of socialize during lunch breaks. It was rare to see the same book in my hands two days in a row. Simply put, I enjoyed getting lost in the words of remarkable authors.

I earned a degree in Business & Finance at the renowned Heriot-Watt University but soon enough, the pull of words became stronger than the pull of numbers. I chose to deviate away from the finance field to the creativity that came with marketing, before deciding to pursue a career in freelance editing and writing, aiming to fulfill the dreams of authors looking for affordable book editors to publish their books and get quality leads.

My greatest joy in my editing journey is finding a friend in every author I work with, finding common links and encouraging them to further their writing careers by aiding them in their authorship even after completing all editing responsibilities.

As a manuscript editor, I enjoy all genres but hold  a special love for young adult books due to their magical quality. When not editing or attending to life's essentials, I love to lose myself in nature with a book or camera in hand.

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